Rxcues.com ( a product of Rxcues Lifecare Pvt Ltd ) is an Online E healthcare platform to find & stay connected with all your healthcare need at single place. Paperless healthcare nationwide is our mission to be accomplished.

It is aimed to bring Healthcare Products, Healthcare Professionals ( e.g. Doctors, Physicians, pharmacists, Nurse , Dietition etc...) and Healthcare Businesses (e.g. Manufacturers, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy Stores, Laboratories etc..) alongwith a combination of scientific and clinical knowledge to improve awareness about diseases, symptoms, treatments,diagnosis, active phrmaceutical ingredients, their side effects, contraindications, adverse drug reactions, pharmacological and clinical classification.

The vision behind this platform is to bring a one stop healthcare solution for all alongwith transperancy, effectiveness,connectivity and swiftness in available healthcare services throughout the world. We would like to transform this platform as a universal e healthcare solution for all.

If you are healthcare professional ( e.g. doctor, physician, pharmacist, nurse ) or Healthcare service providers ( e.g. Hospital, Clinic, Pharmacy Store or Laboratories ), Sign up and create your free profile for advertisement


Search, compare and buy healthcare products online

Find review and ratings of healthcare products, write your own as well

Find best doctors in your area ( city ), read review and ratings about them, share your reviews.

Find best hospitals or clinic in your area ( city ), read about them.

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Create a website ( webpage ) and include SEO (search engine optimization) package to let the customer find and contact you through search engines like google,yahoo,bing.

For Doctors/Clinic Owners/Hospital Owners

You can create a free website for your hospital or clinic with online appointment feature by yourself ( Free ).

You can create your professional profile page as doctor ( Free ).

You can set up appointment management system for both online as well as phone appointments ( Free ).

You can manage your patients OPD or clinic from your account. Like create a file, forwarding it to specific department, write digital medical records, diagnosis, E prescription. You can print it from your a/c on clinic or hospital's letterhead anytime anywhere ( Free for 6 months )

You can set up reminders for patients' next appointment ( e.g after 15 days ), vaccination schedule, medicine reminder ( Free ).

For Pharmacy/Pharmacist/Laboratories

You can setup website for your pharmacy or laboratory from your account ( Free ).

You can schedule time, opening time, closing time for your business ( Free ).

You can display advertisement for your pharmacy on product page ( For example "this product is available in your pharmacy with 10% discount" ) ( Free ).

You can give personal attention to your permanent patients' medicine supply & set up reminder system to remind them before their medicine supply gets empty. It will make huge customer care impact. ( Paid ).

You can generate purchase order for your distributor ( Free ).

You can dispense medicines on E prescriptions written by doctors ( Free ).

You can retrieve lab tests list, perform & upload the results in Patient's account ( Free ).

For End user/Guest/Patients

You can save your medical records, files, prescriptions in your account. ( Free ).

Set reminders for your daily medicines, vaccination. ( Free ).

Review, Vote your favourite products, doctor, hospital, clinic, pharmacy.

Take online appointment of any hospital or clinic listed here. ( Free ).

Manage your health records paperless throughout the world. ( Free *).