How to get started? is an online healthcare media portal, which provide one step solution for all healthcare needs. How to get started and features of

Sign up

Click on the sign up tab next to sign in button on the right hand side corner of the home page and a form will appear. Fill up all the details and verification email will be sent to your email address mentioned here. Click on the activation link provided in the email to activate your account. You can login using the same credentials ! See image below


Dashboard is your personalized settings and features. All your profile related settings, updates,complete profile options, paid features, messages, order status, wishlists, marketplace etc. We will explain each one by one. See image below

Complete profile tab( explained below ), My Orders Tab: Here, you can find all your ordered products, invoices, their status and updates.

My wishlist Tab: Here you can find the product you have added in your wish list, We will try to find the seller of the products you have added to your wishlist. Once we get it, seller will contact you and supply you the product you have added to wishlist. It's not the confirmation that you will get the products that you have added to your wishlist and seller will contact you and ask that whether you still want to purchase the product or no? So don't worry about the products in hte wishlist. If you dont want to get contacted by seller you can remove the product from your wishlist.

My messages

You can directly contact us and ask about the questions and queries, your messages will be answered in the same tab.

Complete Profile Tab

Complete Profile tab have options for those, who are categorized as healthcare professionals ( e.g. Doctors, pharmacist, nurse, dietition etc ) or healthcare business or service providers ( e.g. hospitals, clinics, pharmacy and laboratories etc ) to promote their services by creating and updating information about their services. See image below

Online healthcare portal have 6 main segments to browse, search and get information about your healthcare needs.

1) Healthcare products: It includes listing of healthcare products of different categories and can be compared with each other using our left menu options.

2) Healthcare professionals

It includes list of profiles/websites ( webpages ) of doctors, dietitians, pharmacist, nurse etc. It includes specialities and locations based search of doctors and physicians.

See below

3) Healthcare Locations

It includes healthcare businesses and service providers e.g. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacy and laboratories. It can be sorted based on by Specialities, by Category, by Insurance Affiliated, by location and/or by availability from Healthcare Locations tab available in left side.

They can get information about address, contact no, schedules, specialities and facilities as per details provided by Business Owners.

4) Diseases

List of diseases and medical conditions, their symptoms and more about it.

5) News

It includes news and articles about different categories of healthcare, fitness, PR, news, reseach and development news, drug approval news etc


It includes list of contents, generic names, synonyms, it's pharmacological and prescription information and more.