Features of product section

Rxcues.com healthcare portal provide feature to buy healthcare products online. It's simple few steps process

Common steps

Login to rxcues.com, if you haven't registered please see here how to register?

You will see your welcome message with your last name on right side top bar and when you click on your last name, you will see logout and other options

Condition 1

If you know, what you want? you can use the master search box, type the name and it will autocomplete and show you the options. Click on the option, you wish to see.You can search all categories e.g. products,persons, places,diseases,news and contents

See below

You can rate like or dislike products and it will be added to the ratings of products ( shown at the bottom ). Choose quantity and next to it, You will have one option either add wishlist or addcart. Add wishlist option will appear for those products, which are not directly available to us. while add cart option will be available for those products which are directly available to us and we can ship to you. You can learn more about Add cart or Add wishlist options

Ratings, Product Detail, Share and user review or comments are availabe at the bottom of the page

Condition 2

You don't know, what you want and you want to browse through all products and choose the best

In this case, you have to choose option from home page, that you have to select one of the following: brandname, offers, product category or disease. According to your choice you will see the list of products for that option. For example, if you choose brandname and select company name Cadila Pharmaceuticals, you will see all products of cadila pharmaceuticals. Same way, when you choose ayurvedic medicines in product categories, you will have a list of ayurvedic products. Also you can have list of all products by clicking products link at the bottom of the page.

You can choose one or more shortlisting parameters to narrow down your search, for example you can select few brands and few categories to have fewer products Choose your product, check reviews and then order as mentioned above.